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Last week we closed the polls on our modest Custom Story competition. Over the last few months, fans have been able to vote for their favorite Custom Stories and over 600 people decided to take this opportunity. More than 40 stories competed in three categories: Best Custom Story, Most Potential, and Most Unique.

Except for the bragging rights of being number one, the winner of every category will also receive an Amnesia t-shirt, with the quote; "That is not traditional fire!" from the most viewed Amnesia-playthrough video of all time.

Without further ado – the winners are…

Best Custom Story
Winner: La Caza by Russ Money,
Runner-up: Abduction by Anxt,
Runner-up: Amnesia - Through The Portal by DamnNoHtml,

Most Potential
Winner: White Night by Tanshaydar,
Runner-up: Portal - The Dark Descent by rickyhorror,
Runner-up: Cannibalism by anzki4 & Leon Kennedy,

Most Unique
Winner: Tetris - The Dark Descent by Apjjm,
Runner-up: Unbirth - Envy The Dead by plutomaniac,
Runner-up: The Estate by Selyp,

To all of you who have contributed to our amazing modding community – thank you all for your efforts. You have managed, not only to draw attention to your own incredible abilities, but kept a linear horror game alive. Again and again when we hear complaints about replay-value, there is someone there pointing out all the additional stories available for free. It is just an incredible treasure and you make us damned proud.

For more Custom Stories:
Thanks for this competition! Big Grin
Congratulations to the winners!

So many great custom stories, damn I love this community! Big Grin
Good work gents! Good damn work indeed.
Ahh, so close! Still, I have to admit that I'm surprised I went that far taking into consideration that EtD is only like...10% complete or something! Anyway, good competition and can't wait for more like this. Congratulations to Russ Money, Apjjm and of course Tanshaydar.

A small note: It is called Envy the Dead and not Unbirth - Envy the Dead because it seems that the word Unbirth is linked to the fetish group.
Grats to all the winners! I expect flaunting of T-Shirts.
Congrats to the winners!
Who's the lucky voter who won a t-shirt? :P
Congratulations, everyone! Well deserved.
(08-30-2011, 02:31 PM)Anxt Wrote: [ -> ]Congratulations, everyone! Well deserved.

What he said.

OMG, I really wanted to have this t-shirt!
Please, let me buy it.

This would be adversiting for the game for the same time.
I really wanted to have it, but I can't create a custom story. I scribe a story, but I can't modelling it.
But I translated Penumbra Requiem to german.

Please make s shop for fan articles.
I'm sure, you make a good deal.
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