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Full Version: Selyp's Custom Models
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Here is where I will post all of my WIP and finished models.

Crystal Cluster

Industrial Fan Download Link
Ceiling Lamp
Wall Sconce Download Link
Downward Facing Cave Spotlight

Modern Bathroom Set
Air Conditioner
Industrial Light

If you would like to make a request just let me know and I'll add it.

That seems pretty low poly to me. It's like, what, 500-1k faces? Take a picture with shaded wireframe so we can see the detail and see where it can be reduced.

I will get another screen of it with the wireframe, I'm not sure exactly how many poly's it is. I guess my main problem is I'm not really sure how to get it textured. The only texturing I have done was for a custom painting, so it was really simple. For more advanced stuff I don't really know where to begin.
Looks high-poly to me, far too smooth to be too low. Wireframe might be a white mess with pixel gaps. Not that it's a bad thing, just too much detail. But that's all a guess.
Question. How many polys is considered low poly?
Well, I guess it depends on what it is. The grunt is, I think, almost 5k polys? It depends on the type of object really (some wall entities are <20 polys).

As for texturing, you'll have to look up a tutorial on unwrapping UV's and manipulating UV points on a model.
Thanks for the tips. I'll work on texturing it tonight and see how it goes. Smile
oh I think it is modern, great! Good work so far.Smile
wow looks really great yea Big Grin i geuss around 1000polys will be low poly, something around that.
Keep it up!Big Grin
thats prety neat man Big Grin can't wait to see it in game!
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