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Thanks Obliviator!
But now the door is bugged and it won't unlock. Undecided
(10-05-2011, 07:38 AM)Darx Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Obliviator!
But now the door is bugged and it won't unlock. Undecided
I ran through and tested possibilities as to why it wouldn't unlock, but it unlocks no matter what I do. Follow Cry's instructions, then. All that's past that door is a room with the door to the next map in it.

Absolutely loved it! Big Grin

It hit the mark almost perfectly in every aspect, the atmosphere, storyline, scares etc.

My favorite map by far was the chapel, brilliantly designed with great lighting, a truly epic architecture.

The multiple endings was a good feature and needs to be included in more stories, I got the bad ending Angel

Really excited in seeing what you do next Smile
Great custom story for a first timer...or at least first custom story of yours.
Good job!

And here are my let's plays:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Rest of the episodes will be up shortly!

Thank you, once again.
Always nice to receive positive feedback, and always an honor to be shown in Let's Play's! Thanks, guys!
Fantastic mod so far, loved the modern version of torture chambers.

I encountered a bug where I fell through one room. I kept falling for a while until I died: after getting resurrected around the start I couldn't go past that one door because it was blocked by rocks, that's why I couldn't finish the mod.
Spoiler below!

LOVED the sped up nyan cat music in the church/chapel. It was SO creepy and yet I laughed the whole time. Environments were amazing and I felt very.. "Oh my god.. wait, what?" a lot which is a good thing! Totally blew my mind.

Apologies for that one. Sad Glad you liked it, however!

Thank you! ^^
I really loved it!

Spoiler below!
The slowed-down Nyan Cat tune in the chapel was awesome. At first, I was like, "What is this music??"... then I realized I heard "nyaaaaa...." etc. ... Gotta love Nyan Cat. :p
Alright, I really loved the story. It was pretty well-made, and kept me on my toes the entire time. Usually I breeze through stories and find things to be really obvious. I'm glad that you didn't include any unecessary notes that the player wouldn't really care about. I got the bad ending, then I got the neutral one, although,

Spoiler below!
I found it to be kind of silly with the chests near the end. Luckily I saved right before I opened any of them. Then I got the shining key and got the normal ending. Although, how do I get the best one? I saw a wall I thought was a secret room because it looked different right before the study, but I couldn't find any way to unlock it. Also, in the place with the nyancat music, I tried loading a save I did there and go back to look for clues for the best ending, but the game crashed because the door wasn't set to go anywhere.

Also, writing this, I think I remember some parts I overlooked.
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