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Full Version: Desura and Penumbra Games - Linux related.
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I've been using Desura for a little while now and I'm glad you provide all your Penumbra games including Amnesia on it. A week ago I saw Desura Beta for Linux had started and was able to join to test it.

I saw Amnesia and Penumbra was available so I bought them, even if I already have it from your store and steam Smile. But then I notice that it was only Amnesia and Penumbra: Overture that was available from Linux, not the other two penumbra games, black plague and requiem.

So I'm just wondering, will those two be available on Desura for Linux in any near future?

Thanks for many fun hours of gaming =)

Edit: err, wrong forum, sorry :/
Penumbra: Overture is available for Linux?

We don't have any plans to offer Penumbra on Desura, including Overture.
Ah Overture for Linux is on the service because of the HIB 1.

Show that the games are on Desura, and that they are available on Linux.
I already bought all your games, and I really with there was some way for me to add them to Desura so that I can download and install them on all my computers through Desura, instead of having to do it manually.