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Full Version: Custom Model trouble
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So I've made a few custom models and they all work fine in the level editor. However, this last one I made is having an issue.

It loads perfectly fine in the model editor and model view, but when loading it in the level editor for some reason it is invisible. I have been messing around with it but I can't seem to figure out what is causing this. Would anyone happen to have an idea?
Hi, I can't really help you, but our team is looking for some modelers and animators for a huge mod !

If you are interested, please reply or MP Smile

Anyway, hope you'll find a solution to your problem ! Peace ^^

Can you still see it in the model viewer?
i had similar issues with custom 3d models... i read that you load and view the model over model viewer, fine, check the model routers and try it:

Put the model in map editor and go to edit menu --> find object check if it is in the list... if no in list try it,

open your *.ent file with notepad or similar, find the mesh/*.dae path browser and check if is correct, example

<Mesh Filename="static_objects/No_Do/grail_01.DAE">

If incorrect browser, you can edit it manually or move the *.dae file at correct folder...

check textures, materials and folders

If the model is in browser list, select it, focus and check scale, "maybe the object pivot is not centered" and you dont view it over the grid

check too if "map_cache" file in your custom stories/maps and delete it... reload the map editor and try to add the model, save it and open your map file, check the hirearchy object numbers, fileindex and ID orders...
<FileIndex_StaticObjects NumOfFiles="5">
<FileIndex_Entities NumOfFiles="8">

now, in object list, check if your model fileindex is correct here
<StaticObject CastShadows="true" Collides="true" FileIndex="4" Group="0" ID="28" Name="road_3" .....
Now, check the ID, if it have a number exaggerated or very far with another objects, changue it manually

If it not resolve the problem i can check your file if you want... Huh
please sorry my bad english :S

(09-27-2011, 11:08 PM)MrBigzy Wrote: [ -> ]Can you still see it in the model viewer?

Yes it works fine in the model viewer which is why im confused. It still shows up in the level editor, but it invisible, meaning I can click on it and see the wireframe but the texture won't show up.

It's probably the .ent file then, try what Montesky said. If all else fails, re-import it into the model editor (I'm hoping you already did that :C ).
Maybe need to update too the *.mesh file with the entitie config... Huh

delete mesh file ---> load dae in model editor (edit it and save *.ent) ---> close model editor ---> re-open model editor ---> open *.ent file model (check material, textures, config, etc.. and save) ---> load the *.ent in model viewer to generate the mesh file
I'm going to go out on a limb here (since i'm expecting you to already have one) and ask: Do you have a .mat file that points to the texture for each mesh object? Textures won't load without a material file for each texture (giving it the same name as the texture, that is, without the extension, should cause the game to look it up automatically).
(09-28-2011, 03:12 AM)Selyp Wrote: [ -> ]... meaning I can click on it and see the wireframe but the texture won't show up.
Selyp you use blender or 3dsmax ??

Try to export in OpenCOLLADA, blender close the texture and material line on file i think.. and perhaps call any texture out route

In editor, the *.ent file call his DAE file to show in, check you *.dae <library image> and <library material>

Blender rules --->
<material id="v_grass_1-material" name="v_grass_1">
Maybe you dont have a material named how here in your project...

try to changue manually it or asign a Open library renamig the ID and name with a ="#XX" where XX is a number at your choice
I use Maya. And yes I have a mat file Smile Like I said, I have made many models work in game, this one just won't appear for some reason. I am still at work, so I haven't been able to test these solutions yet, but I'll let you guys know if they work when I get home
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