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Full Version: Scripter and Mapper List
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Hey guys, I am endeavoring to try and create a list of scripters - basically a list that new people can use to see who they can ask questions to, or who I can look to to send my stories to to see if they want to come up with a way to make the map, or whatever other people want to use the list for.

Also making a mapper list, much like the previous list.

How this will work:
You reply to this forum saying that you are a scripter ("I am a scripter" or "I am a mapper") and any links that you want me to put beside your name in the list (e.g. WIP's or ModDB links). If you are willing to help people out that have questions mention that as well and I will put some sort of indicator by your name

The Scripters

Slyp - Happy to Help! -
Obliviator27 - Happy to Help! -
Gamemakingdude - Nothing to show

The Mappers

Slyp - Happy to Help! -
Juby - Happy to Help! -
Obliviator27 - Happy to Help! -
Gamemakingdude - All abandoned works
You can add me on here for both. my moddb is I'll try to help people with any questions!
I'm always willing to help.

I am a scripter (although I do know my stuff about mapping Tongue)
My moddb is in my signature, but I do not have any finished works as of this time.
I can script and map, as well as do video playtests for anyone! My work is simply in my signature.
Need moar peoples Smile
I can script and a little bit of mapping i dont have any works atm apart from my abandoned work.
the list is starting up, just today I seen a post on the forums of someone who was looking for a scripting teacher, help us build this post up so that there isn't a flood of stuff like that Smile
I'm happy to HELP in script problems. My art can be seen in Sins Of Our Past: Chapter 1.
I´m a mapper. Happy to help with level designing so just shoot me a PM. As for previous work I don´t have anything released (Until the release of Danthaman´s The Unforgiven Wink
add me to the mapping list, im happy to help! very detailed and experienced in the level editor too ^^

make a modeling list aswell. if you do, you can add me to that one too. ive been modeling for... a month and a half or so now, so i know the basics ^^ (still have lots to learn tho, ofcourse ^^)
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