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Full Version: Killing the Dogs
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I love this game......but.......I cannot for the life of me kill the dog
I try for my game has automatically saved at a point where the dog is running at me....I use the pick axe but can't even seem to get a hit once......what exactly is the trick in killing this thing.
I am in the point where you keyed in the security code and the gate opens....(the dog was behind the gate). Is there a place I can run to where he can't get me ? AT least in the earlier levels you could stand on a crate and chip away at him
Pls Pls someone help me
Yes, there is place. And there you'll have to go anyway if you wanna keep playing.

Spoiler below!
You don't need to kill it. Just pass the Dog and run into right or left and go through the door.
What I do is, just get on top of the crates, where they can’t reach me, and bash them in the heads with the hammer or pick-axe
Spoiler below!
Take a barrel and when you encounter a dog, place the barrel in a corner and have your glow stick out. When the dog charges at you just swing your pick axe as soon as it jumps. The reason why you want to place the barrel or Box in a corner is because the dog will push the box and you will fall off the barrel or box giving the dog a chance in causing damage to you.

You can also strike a air canister and toss it at a dog. It will explode thus killing the dog in only 1 hit. Another way also is to perfectly toss a dynamite stick at a dog. Depending on length of the explosion between the dog and dynamite, it will either kill the dog in a single hit or hurt the dog drastically.

Also killing a dog without standing on a barrel. Because if you attack the dog once it runs away and goes back to its normal patrol route. What you do is when you strike the dog, get off the barrel and just wait for it to get up. Have your Axe ready to strike and let him have it. Keep repeating untill it is dead. Usually takes up to 6-7 hits before the dog stops getting up.
I read in a walkthrough that you can't kill the dogs (except for that steam area). But one day I was playing the beginning and thought I'd have "fun" with the dog. I hit it with the hammer, it got knocked down for a very brief second. I hit it again and again. The dog ran off, and within just a couple seconds, off in the distance, I saw it coming right at me again.
I hit it again a few more times with the hammer, and it was dead.
If you hit the spiders twice with the axe, they die. If you hit the dogs like four times, they die. They'll run off, but if you chase after them, you can get in some additional hits. Timing is the key to the dogs if you fight them head-on. Alternatively, throw a stick of dynamite at them for a one-hit kill.
Ok, its really interesting to see about the game 'killing the dogs". But I never heard about it
before. So, would you like to share some link because I want to enjoy.
Also need help about how to play. Would you like to accommodate me. I'm a newbie.
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