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Full Version: Linux Patch - 1.0.2553 [updated 2008-04-25]
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For those that have purchased the full version there is now a patch to correct issues in all previous releases. This include ATI HD graphics issues and Sound issues.

2008-04-25 - Penumbra Overture V 1.0.2553
  • Synced up to Windows 1.0.3 Patch
  • switched to OpenAL Soft implementation of openal
  • Fixed numerous shader issues on ATI and Nvidia cards
  • support for ATI HD series cards
  • Fixed various crashes in the game (especially when changing levels)
  • Upgraded to Cg 2.0

2007-06-21 - Penumbra Overture EP1 V 1.0.679
  • Synced up to Windows 1.0.1 Patch
  • Fix sound related lockups
  • Add list of "supported" Cg Profiles to hpl.log
  • Added CG Profile overrides in settings.cfg (See default_settings.cfg)
  • Unlock the mouse when in windowed mode AND in the menu

2007-05-28 - Penumbra Overture EP1 v 1.0.596
  • Fix slow FPS in Refinery
  • Fix missing steam in Refinery
  • Add Version/build to hpl.log to identify installed version

Get the patch here