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Full Version: Was Amnesia your first horror game?
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My first horror game was Resident Evil 1, considering i was 13 at the time i found it pretty scary, those dogs in the hallway *shudder*, still it was fun^^.

Played many horror games since then but nothing compares to amnesia in scaryness imo=).

Yehh The first Scary ONE Big Grin it was so scary >.> at the first time Big Grin

I hope that there will be a 2nd part or a new horrow game from Frictional games

But only because it's the first game worth its own genre.

Now, if I back off that claim a bit, I'd have to say, 'no, it's not my first horror game.'

The first one might be Moria. How can a DOS screen of static ascii characters be horror? I don't know. Something about going down, down, down into the depths is frightening. You didn't know if at any given moment you would be put in a perilous situation. You felt attached to the protagonist.

Ok, it's a stretch. Maybe the first horror game was the original Castlevania, or, more likely, Doom. I was a college freshman when Doom rolled into town, and that was my introduction to multi-player gaming. I played a ton. Doom I, Doom II, and Quake were all hits while I was in college. Because I lived in dorms with everyone else at a military academy, it was a popular way to kill time. Not much of those games really resembles Amnesia, but I know those games led to nightmares. The disturbing and psychological environment was the only real claim to horror I suppose.

During my junior or senior year I think the first Silent Hill or Resident Evil came out. Suitably scary, and probably my first 'true' horror game. I didn't play any other horror titles until Doom 3 (edit: does Diablo2 count?), which I thought was a good game to play at midnight in a dark room with surround sound. It was scary, but looking back at it with my Frictional experience, the ability to shoot monsters results in a warfare game, not a horror game. Right before I played Amnesia, I had played Bioshock, but I didn't find it remotely as scary, except in a few parts.

So, yeah, even though I'm 36 and I've played one or two games, Amnesia is the first horror game. But, to be fair, I haven't played them all--I missed FEAR, System Shock, and the Cthulhu game. Are they worth going back for a visit, or will I be disappointed post-Frictional.

Ah, Frictional, you've ruined me for other men... lol
Silent Hill was my first genuine game that actually both creeped me out and scared me a bit but Amnesia makes it all higher in terms of tension, fear and fright.
My first was Dino Crysis on the PS1 haha. Not sure if it's a horror, but still scared me Tongue
When I love Penumbra & Amnesia, can you recommend Silent Hill ?
(11-29-2011, 05:12 PM)Googolplex Wrote: [ -> ]When I love Penumbra & Amnesia, can you recommend Silent Hill ?
Oh yes haha. I can't remember which one we played, the first I think, and we stayed around my mates house playing it all night. I recall running down a misty road with dogs attacking us?
Silent Hill is a TPS, not a FPS. Also it is more psychological than Penumbra & Amnesia, not sure if you'd like it, considering the topics you opened.
Amnesia was my first true horror game, got me addicted afterwards...


When I was a small kid, Diablo made me shit bricks. Damn Butcher.
Amnesia was the first one I finished. I had tried Penumbra Overture but never moved further than the first dog encounter. Don't really know what made me finish Amnesia, perhaps, the story seemed more interesting or the castle atmosphere. I still want to play all three Penumbra games, but didn't have enough time since there are so many good Amnesia custom stories.
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