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Full Version: Remove tinderbox icon?
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Hi guys, I've been wondering something for a while:
is it possible to remove the icon of a tinderbox when your cursor points over a candle/torch?
Also, is it possible to remove the text of x(number of tinderboxes) when your cursor goes over a candle/torch? Like, when it says x3 when you have 3 tinderboxes.
Thanks! Big Grin
The easiest way should be to disable interaction with the object with SetEntityInteractionDisabled():
However, I want to actually light the candle/torch, but I just don't want the text and icon to show.

If I look through the game files, is there a sort of graphic that shows the tinderbox icon?
*edit, I do see the game file for the tinderbox icon*
And, do I just look through the .lang files to find the text?
I'm not sure if it is possible to remove the text while allowing for interaction; however, in order to remove the image, you're going to need to create a full conversion custom story.

Do note it is not really a good design decision to remove such interactive indications anyway.
You can just put an area at the candle and create interaction with it and make so that when the player clicks it, you use script to set the lamp lit you want. That will give you the icon of a hand instead of a tinderbox though.
Try this
ShowPlayerCrossHairIcons(bool abX);