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Full Version: [spoiler]who was the guy in the room?
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there was another creature that was going to be in the tech demo. bottom right page (image 10) is the other creature
oh that one...the hunter. Lol! I nnever referred to it as a Roach or Charlie lol.
I'm assuming that is Roach or Charlie, but if not, I'm sure I'll be corrected.
Scraper Wrote:
Thaliur Wrote:
Eragon Wrote:it can't be a dog in the hole. Bsides the sound of the monster that was attacking was much more fiercly then a simple dog.The thing that attacked him was much more powerfull then a dog. And the sound was bigger and much more louder and scarier then a dog.Something attacked him...but it was not a dog, spider, or a worm(maybe). It was something else.What more could that mine have hidden??You people are always thinnking that are dogs or spiders. Think about the new stuff that is coming!!
Hmm, it might have been Charlie, or a very slender breed of the hunter creature.

You mean the Roach from Tech Demo?
Yes, Charlie kind of became the unofficial name of the "Roach" (aka "bat thing"), and the hunter was only seen on one screenshot as far as I know.
Thaliur Wrote:...and the hunter was only seen on one screenshot as far as I know.

Actually, it was in one of the trailers too! Smile
Heya! I've replaid the game now, at least the first part.
This post is on unseen creatures, the Spider Hater (From here on referred to as S.H.) and the hunter.
I'll edit this post many times, my computer is unstable and I don't want to write it all in one go.

First, I'd like to write about the unseen creatures.
In "Outside" you get the description "I can still hear the wind roaring past. Or is that some kind of animal in the distance?", it sounds like a cow. Then again, are there cows walking around in snowstorms on Greenland? Buffalos, jaks something-or-other?
I've never been to Greenland.
The second time is in the mine, where you have to turn a lever around to open a hatch. When walking close to the hatch something slams against the hatch but too much dust emits so you can't tell whats down there.
This I'd say is just a location-triggered sound and a few balls o' dust, so don't go itch your brains out just because you can't see the something.
I also noticed, if you open the hatch BEFORE walking up to the hatch, and then walk up to it:
Spoiler below!
Nooothing happens Smile
However, if you close it again and walk up to the hatch the slam-event will happen.
This monster, wich I'd say is something we havn't encountered and might not ever encounter (Simply a "unseen" monster to raise tension, sorta like in other games where doors suddenly get slammed from the other side and a large dent/hole is left. There is a monster like this in Doom 3, wich was only seen once in a pre-scripted event but never encountered in combat). For convinience (Did I spell that right?) I'll call it the something from now on.

Somewhy I can't post the part about the Spider Hater and the Hunter, the two more important ones. It sais 403: Forbidden when I try to post it.
I'll retry editing/posting those two first thing in the morning.
WindexGlow Wrote:Bugs taste good actually (eat an ant, they taste like sweet tarts)
yucccccccck whait [eats a ant] your right they do taste like sweet tarts!!! yummmmm!!!!
jo291 Wrote:
WindexGlow Wrote:Bugs taste good actually (eat an ant, they taste like sweet tarts)
yucccccccck whait [eats a ant] your right they do taste like sweet tarts!!! yummmmm!!!!

Uuuh. Don't even try make us other try. Whats a tart anyways? Tart = wart? Sweet warts?
And on a later post I didn't notice until now:
Charlie & Roach = the bats? I just call em bats.
Eragon Wrote:
TheCollective15 Wrote:Well, spiders are not insects, they are arachnids! Pathetic attempt at taxonomy, I say! So, you don't really know what spiders taste like, now do you? Wink

Of course, there is that trivia about people eating spiders in their sleep...

That's not trivia... its true!! everyone eats them and not only spiders!
you normaly eat 7 or 10 spiders per night or per week i cant remember now... but its those very small ones. Not a tarantula!! I saw it once on National Geographic and Discovery Channel Smile.

Thats actually a myth and is untrue. Despite the fact that if it were true you would have to see spiders around your room almost at all times, spiders are more intelligent than that. They know that you are living creature and they would sense the danger of going near or on you. They would be frightened off by any movement or if they actually go close enough to your mouth, they would be frightened off by the sound of your breathing.
Yep, just make sure you don't have any brave spiders in your house and you'll be alright!
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