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Full Version: Who wants to play with me on skype?
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hello amnesia players,

i am a great fan of amnesia and i love playing the game
i thought it might be fun to play in a group with skype

who has skype and wants to play with me?
my skypne name: bas-riemens

feel free to add me
I can watch your livestream but can't talk ;<
ok feel free to add me on skype then

nice videos you sure know how to trick in games Wink
did you find everything out yourself?
anyone wants to play amnesia in a party on skype?
Again, tell the livestream channel.
or how do you plan to stream?
me i already added you on skype pls accept the name is timonenluca
Sure why not, add me 'thejesut' skype codename. Tongue
I've got a pretty tight schedule, so I'm not sure if I will be available at the times you play, but feel free to add me on skype anyways: thegasjockey
i have add everyone on skype who said i should

when are you guys able to play?

( sorry for my english, i'm dutch )
I think I will be available about 3 am dutch time tonight, if you're awake that late Tongue
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