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Full Version: problem lowering resolution with ATI X1250 chipset
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Howdy. I am experiencing an issue related to the graphics resolution I am hoping that someone may have a suggestion on how to correct.

My system has an onboard ATI X1250 Radeon and I have the latest ATI proprietary drivers installed. Initially starting the game caused me to immediately have my LCD screen complain about the frequency being out of range (requiring me to restart X to get the resolution back to something usable). I changed the default settings file to use my system default resolution of 1280x1024 and the game loads without issue (well, other than having to kill off anything else using the deprecated /dev/dsp OSS layout for it to start at all).

Unfortunately performance is pretty horrible at this resolution so I want to try running at something lower. However changing to any other resolution causes my monitor (a Benq 19") to go out of range. Now, using the ATI control center I can change to whatever resolution I want (I have confirmed 800x600 works) so I am at a loss as to why this happens only when PO changes the resolution.

Any suggestions on what to look for here that might be responsible for this issue?

Also, bonus points for a key combination that will let me gracefully exit PO and reset the resolution when this happens so I don't have to kill off my entire X session everytime.


Sorry, I forgot to mention that this is with the demo (if I can get the game working reliably then I will look at purchasing it).
don't know bout the frequency out of range stuff, but for the bonus points try out xgame which will let you start penumbra in a new xserver and when you kill that xserver will go back to your main xserver