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Full Version: Penumbra Story Explanation? (Spoilers)
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So I'm trying to figure out what's behind the story. I think I got a little bit but I'm not sure.

So all the events happen. Phillip is about to send the e-mail, then notices he can't leave the room. Plus, his father did the same things Phillip was asked to do...but is now dead. So in revenge he says to "kill them all". He gets knocked out and is most likely dead after talking to people who should be dead or infected. The two endings, joining the fire with red or going back through the door to end up in the fisherman's boat. If Phillip were to go back would he be forced to relive that entire story?

Plus, what did he mean by "If we are lucky, then by the time you read this, I will be dead. If fate frowns, we all perish."
It's a toughie
I would really like a sequel to black plague.
I don't see Requiem as a sequel...

But i think he means that, if they (the state he lived in) sends a "rescue team"
they would find this message. Or if they would just bomb the hell out of the place.
Don't really know.. That's why i want a sequel.
Requiem didn't answer these questions i have.
(11-27-2011, 01:24 AM)NeatNit Wrote: [ -> ]It's a toughie
it's a very tough toughie
They should make a sequel where your actually one of the scientist during all this, so you can see the beginning of the disease and why there is a random science lab hidden under greenland