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Full Version: the difference between vertex arrays and display lists ?
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A question for the video game devs : what is the difference between vertex arrays and display lists ?
I project to develop a little video game but it's the first time I touch this.
I'd like to know when you can use vertex arrays and when using display list ?

I will use OpenGL. (I eard about VBO too but I don't want to use this).

I looked for tutorials but they don't really explain the difference. I looked at NeHe tutos too.

I gonna give you an example with the game Donkey Kong (DK) : I make a vertex array to draw DK : cause DK is always in move and I make a display list to draw fixed object which never move or change scale ?

Or it's more complex than that ?

Please can you explain with a simple english cause I don't speak currently this language ?

Thanks in advance. Have a nice day. Regards, Gizmo.
While I'm sure FG is flattered about you asking their expertise, don't you think you ought to be asking at a place that deals with graphics and such? I'm sure there are forums out there where people work with graphics all the time and would be happy to help you...