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Full Version: Penumbra Collection (multilingual release)
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I'm waiting fot this box since a very long time!

Jens, can you say me please, when this case from Mamba Games will be released?
No idea, I am guessing never.
Thank you for this response!
But why don't you release a multilingual boxed DVD of Penumbra & Amnesia?
This are so fantastic games and it's a shame don't have them in a box!
Is it possible to announce a publisher?

It's not worth it, it's complicated, messy and nothing to be earned. Almost everything you as a customer spend will go to pay for the production, distribution, various partners and what not.
Indeed, your money should be givin to the people behind the game, not third parties
OK, I understand that.
But why there's an american and russian retail release?
When I buy the american version and install latest update, will it be multilingual then?
Because the patch includes the lang files...

Hope you make an immersing game as next with FG's typical creepy atmosphere, complicated puzzles, horror-adventure events and hidden secrets. Combine all your forces and inspirations to make a fantastic game. Hope we see some content next year.
Good luck, your games are unique precious!!!
As far as I can recall the North American release has all languages that the downloadable version have except Russian.

Does anyone have collection of this game by all series in one DVD?
There is a retail DVD with all series, but it is only in english.
That's what I was looking for, well, you know the Russian version of the game there is a trilogy, I'm looking for the same in English where it is possible to download?
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