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Full Version: Click here for dancing grunt/brutes.
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Sanity before watching: Crystal Clear

Sanity after watching: ...
Very funny, I had to download it.
But how can someone make this animations?

Are grunts and brutes friends?
Or why there's a dismembered grunt in the sewer where the brute comes in?
Congratulations, PewDiePie.
Hahaha!!!! Big Grin
Theres been afew now. All I got a spammer in my thread thoSad
Wow. Just wow. That was hilarious, if a bit long. Well done on accomplishing the impossible... making Amnesia even scarier than it already is! Tongue
WHY? WHYYY?! Is nothing holy anymore?!

Cracked me up so badly. :'D *raises a brofist*
i had the 10th comment Big Grin (so proud)
but i feel that the forums are getting flooded with pewdie's fans
no offense, cuz imma bro of him
Yeah, that video was amazing.

I love the music the most. So cheesy, Japanese-esque <3
> brute as a second-plane, support-dancer.
Icwutudidthar. This made my day.