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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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(01-19-2012, 12:36 AM)Rapture Wrote: [ -> ]I do like your videos, and the work you spent on that Window was alot. But as much as its annoying to look at the billboards moving on you when your scrutinizing them. They are useful for areas that the player will never visit again and are compelled to move forward other than loaf around looking for keys & crowbars while scrutinizing the windows.

You did spend alot of work on your Billboards, but knowing most people. They don't spend that much time on billboard lighting, you can see alot worse examples than using the "Axis" option I'm sure. I do to like to scrutinize people's design work, and it bothers me looking at the billboards with the "FixedAxis" option. You can see where the edge/slit of the billboards if you move at the right angle. Undecided
25minutes is a long time for a window yes, most wont do that much. But the general idea of the video was to show how connecting the billboard into a light helps to color the billboards quick.

It bothers just as much to see too bright badly placed "FixedAxis" as it is to see "Axis" billboards at close. "FixedAxis" gives more control so there are less places that they look bad in if done right.

If people don't want to make their billboards look good, just don't do them at all. Areas wont look that bad without them. Instead if there are bad looking billboards that are like flying pieces papers, you are guaranteed to ruin my immersion.
[Image: ruinedhouse13.jpg?w=77a71a93]
[Image: ruinedhouse14.jpg?w=622ae413]

[EDIT: Hopefully this works... trying a new upload website.]
(01-14-2012, 11:13 AM)Khyrpa Wrote: [ -> ]Keep on doing what you do! Perhaps release some of your stuff someday?

One day...

Spoiler below!
[Image: windowandwalls.png]

Will it get finished and released, who knows, but hey I can atleast texture now (The wall atleast...) heh.

Also @streetboat your images aren't showing up for me.
Not really look for criticism yet, just testing out some of my custom models/textures and getting to know the engine a bit better. Might start a project, we'll see.

The wall model doesn't have a diffuse texture yet besides a blank color + ambient occlusion bake from 3ds Max.

Spoiler below!

[Image: 18455435.jpg]

Spoiler below!

[Image: 57406494.jpg]

Hi-poly used for baking:
[Image: hiply.jpg]
Spoiler below!
[Image: scifistuff.jpg]

Blue: This shape would look/bake better. (Or maybe it's what you already have and it's just hard to tell?)

Purple: Even with a normal this still looks too flat, bevel it out so that it looks like it has some depth?

Pink: Baking mistakes? (Use more polygons?)

Otherwise looks pretty fine, would be p nice to have another modeler who can make good content here!

e: actually if this is an object that's going to tile a lot you should probably just trash all the details on the bottom of the wall, they'll make things really noisy really quickly if they're seen over and over.
Yeah you're right, I did notice it got a little too 'noisy', I'm not sure yet however because I won't be tiling it more than 2 times max. (it's used for a relatively small room).

As far as the grill goes, it does indeed look a little weird, I'll adjust the cage/model a bit and check the results.

I don't see any baking mistakes though, the curve itself is already fairly high poly, the 'mistake' could only be solved by adding more geo in that area, I may or may not do that depending on how it turns out with the textures.

I didn't make the panels as geometry but rather as normal map detail because it would have looked uglier (at least in the Unreal Engine 3) but since the HPL2 doesn't use baked lightmaps I guess I can give it a try and make it geometry instead.



Alright I've made the modifications, I think it's ready for texturing now. Even if it looks too 'repetitive', remember that I will only tile it twice at most (the room I'm using it for is pretty small)

Spoiler below!

[Image: walldc.jpg]

I guess I didn't post these here yet.

Anyway two awful plane rides and a few days of jet lag, and I guess I'm all set to get back to working on this.


Spoiler below!

[Image: amnesiawindow1.jpg]

[Image: amnesiawindow2.jpg]

Ignore the awful window glass bitmap.
Spoiler below!
[Image: 05-02-2012.jpg]
What I have been working on for about a day.
Spoiler below!

[Image: dock.png]