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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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(11-16-2013, 09:49 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ][Image: DC122654024D6914CF6B13D005B3387FF6911BD8]
Experimented with shadows and lighting a little here.

I think the billboards are too saturated for the light, but overall it looks nice, if a bit too even (I'm seeing some borderline aamfp-esque clipping). I'm also glad to see you resized the cello. Big Grin
Just finished with my map, It could stil improve on details near the meachine. But there are no scripts and puzles here yet so it could change.

Feedback welcome!
Spoiler below!

[Image: 0m9q.jpg] [Image: z2ui.jpg] [Image: agy3.jpg][Image: r7f0.jpg]
A proper sewer, looks great.

I can think of adding some moss from the walls or the beams.

Add a couple of stone/brick debris on the floor or the beams to show how old the place is.

Again for age, add in puddles + water particles falling from the ceiling or walls.

Add in little plants into the walls to show some growth in the sewers.
Thanks for the tips, Lokking better already!

Screenshots: I forgot some objects had physics Tongue Try to overlook the cogwheel. Oh and the glass. There is no room behind it!
Spoiler below!
[Image: kmkj.jpg] [Image: uzdy.jpg] [Image: mzrx.jpg]
What do you think I should add?

[Image: Mz7rLNZ.jpg]
Beer... wine. and alot of it. Pints of Vitae, Brennenburg Lager, Weyer's tonic.

Anything people can get drunk off of and have good old Pub fights! Scottish Style!

Seriously it looks great, could have some wine bottles and goblets and etc.
Maybe curtains around the windows.
Candles on the tables. (They don't have to be lit)
Question is if you want it to look used or clean. I'd go for used. So stains and bottles, goblets, wine glasses and normal glasses.
I was going to say the same about the light. Darken the boxlight and enlarge the pointlights a bit. It'll give it a nicer contrast.
The chandelier is hovering in these pictures because the MapView doesn't show the ropes/chains. Also, the fire is too big.

[Image: ddYIjfL.jpg]

[Image: FszgZnp.jpg]
I would reduce the amount of flames in the fireplace (looks like the place will catch fire any second), otherwise it's good.