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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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So I was quite a long time not working with the hpl2 engine but some weeks ago I started a small custom story and wanted to share some screenshots of it:

[Image: sewer4.jpg]

[Image: sewer5.jpg]

[Image: Sewer2.jpg]

Please be honest and give me some constructive feedback Smile
The Billboards in the 2nd screenshot are too bright, Make them atleast visible but not bright,

An example of lightrays is this.
[Image: sangiovanni.jpg]They aren't blindingly bright but they are visible. Try and fix them up until you're satisfied with them.

The 1st and 3rd screenshots aren't exactly impressive but it's a start. It's good to experiment with your maps and just spruce them up a bit.
Hello there ! I have some screenshots for my CS, I was wondering if I could have your opinion about it, to know what I could improve.

[Image: 1386795848002603900.png]

[Image: 1387025667060029200.png]
That's really nice. Keep going with it. Smile
So i decided to experiment with different lighting since the blue effect was kinda getting on my nerves. This is a result
[Image: Screen_Screenshot_089.jpg]
So many lights, so little light.
Waiting for feedback <3 Billboards need some improvment, they don't look good : <.[Image: 1387402667095162400.png]
(12-18-2013, 10:39 PM)daortir Wrote: [ -> ]Waiting for feedback <3 Billboards need some improvment, they don't look good : <.[Image: 1387402667095162400.png]

Change the tile amount on the celling, thats the first thing that comes in mind. Smile
I fixed it , now it looks fine thanks for making me notice it : D. The view I picked made it look really bad though, while it was only wrong above the door at the left of the picture ^^. Anything about lighting/anything else ?
If you look under the window it looks like water ends (to the right) but then how come things can be floating, like one of the plants to the left? I might be wrong but it looks weird.

I can't find anything wrong with the lightning, but im not an expert when it come to that :p