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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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I still working on this map, I need to add some furniture and billboards, but what do you guys think, its getting good?
(12-24-2013, 11:05 PM)Corvo Wrote: [ -> ]I still working on this map, I need to add some furniture and billboards, but what do you guys think, its getting good?

It's not looking good... It's looking marvellous!
Very original shape for a room, I like it a lot : >. You might want to change the tiling on the planes though ; ).
(12-24-2013, 10:28 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]Aha, but it is also orange/blue as well, not just coolness/warmth, which is why the last image looks slightly superior to the first, if only marginally - though this may be a matter of opinion.

But the complementary for blue is yellow, silly.

(12-24-2013, 10:28 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]I feel in a way, the combination of colors can be down to personal preference however from the vast majority of posters and cases etc I have seen as well as environmental art there are certain color combinations that just tend to look better - when done properly - than regular cool/warm. Games such as Bioshock Infinite tend to use a lot of complimentary colors and it's praised as one of the best looking games made. Diablo also uses complimentary colors, and it also looks fantastic.

Though it is a matter of preference a fair amount of the time, there are cases that have been observed where they are used and have been seen to benefit the aesthetic.

You seem to not be sticking to your own words. You had a problem with the sky being cyan, not cerulean or whatever color you consider to be the complementary for orange, which means that you find this small difference in hue significant. But then you said that red can be many different things, including red-orange. So which one is it?

The reason I'm asking is because people will call anything complementary if it looks pretty. I've seen many different colors being labeled as the complementary for orange, including turquoise, cyan, azure, cerulean, cobalt and indigo. Not to mention that said "orange" itself ranged from brick red to golden. The only reason we notice complementary colors in beautiful art is because we have a name for them and our definition of a certain color is broad enough to cover a large spectrum of hues. And I bet that if we take a good look at Bioshock or Diablo, that is exactly what we will find.

The problem is that with such inconsistency, the word "complementary" becomes essentially useless, a pseudo-artistic synonym for "good looking" in most cases. In reality, impactful color combinations are vague enough to be roughly summed up by three factors: difference in warmth, difference in hue, and difference in brightness.
[Image: IMG_04082013_160903.png]

Open in a new tab/window for a larger image!
Spoiler below!
(12-24-2013, 10:20 PM)Zokrar Wrote: [ -> ]Thoughts on this?

[Image: TqKOrtf.png]
I think this looks cool. Unrealistic (which in itself is acceptable - you just have to be aware of course), but nice :] The light is very strong(!), so I would suggest adding billboards to the window to simulate the strong light leaking through it. I would also suggest creating a lensflare billboard for that particular window, hopefully you can figure out a way to create one!

Spoiler below!
(12-24-2013, 11:05 PM)Corvo Wrote: [ -> ]I still working on this map, I need to add some furniture and billboards, but what do you guys think, its getting good?
The light by the edges of the curtains look nice. Very bright and stuff. I think you should experiment more with the light leaking into the room - as it seems to be mainly originating from one window and does seem a little bland compared to what you have going on by the windows.

Also the image is really small, so I have some trouble seeing the details of what is actually going on!
How I take printscreens: I use fraps to take printscreens in a raw .bmp format to keep it lossless. I then convert them to .png (or in some particular cases keep the raw .bmp). I then upload them to an imagehosting site which doesn't convert the images to a lower resolution or quality (yuck, those .jpegs!).

This site allows you to upload pretty nice quality images: The previous site I used sadly got pay to use. If you do not have fraps you can still capture printscreens the way you do now, but I recommend you to use a lossless website and a higher resolution. Good luck!

Hey ! Looking for feedback on this part of my R'lyeh map.
[Image: 1387990890003551400.png]
That looks fantastic. Big Grin But I think it's a tad bit too bright. There isn't much brightness variation and as such it's not as impactful as it could have been. Here's what I mean:

[Image: levels_zpsb03545a4.jpg]
I think I'll try to lower the global lighting in the area and to brighten the pointlights around the door, is that what you meant : ) ?
I might also try to make the sky brighter, but I'll give more contrast between the enlightened area around the door and the rest of the place anyway.

Thanks for the feedback, it helps me out a ton < 3
Yes, that should work, I think. It's my pleasure. Smile