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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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You're right, I changed it up a bit. Thoughts?
Spoiler below!
[Image: HFO0CNn.png]
I'm not sure you need that many light sources c: (seems a little impractical to have them all lit, too; if the torches work, why would they need so many candles?)

On a non light related note, you could try throwing some rust/dirt stains around where the pipes connect with the ceiling/floor/walls (static decals don't take up a lot of memory, so they're good for that)

Some steam coming from that grate in the far corner would look pretty cool too - not sure how you'd create that effect or if you'd want to, but it's just an idea Big Grin
I don't know why, but I really like the effect those candles have. I'll remove some torches to make them more useful, good call.
You're right about the decals, I'll add some of those, too.
This screenshot doesn't show it, but I already have some steam coming from a pipe. I'll try to add some wind or fog around that area, thanks

Spoiler below!
[Image: yv2x8yG.jpg]

2nd update:
[Image: chZNikF.jpg]
Don't mind the black hole at the left, the map is still a WIP
I'm not quite sure why, but this area feels empty. The player will be able to look down from the floor above, so this big emptiness will be noticeable. I'm not too familiar with future prisons, so... what else would go in a corral area like this?
Spoiler below!

[Image: LIOlz3t.jpg]
(right click > view in new tab for full size)

@OriginalUsername: You did a great job with those sewers. I can't even imagine the tedium it must have been to place all those goddamn pipes. Tongue I like your use of contrasting colors a lot, you did a great job making the water seem cold and undesirable compared to the warm torches on the dock above. One thing that might set it apart from other sewers is ramshackle wooden structures lashed together with boards and tacked onto the stone. It always makes a place look good.
Thanks streetboat. The story behind it is that people were locked in those sewers, left to survive. So they had to fortify the walls, make rooms, etc. 
As for your screenshot, is it an abandoned prison? If so, you could add some dust/fog particle systems. You could also angle some of the fences, so it looks like they were thrown aside. Maybe add a collapsed roof..
If it's not, there's probably not too much to add. If that space was for prisoners, it's probably empty. You don't want to give prisoners too much items because of the possible contraband. You could make the corridors narrower to get rid of that empty space. But I don't think there is a lot to put there.
This is little still unfinished ,but man i love these assests they gave us.

Spoiler below!

[Image: AmnesiaTest130930%202014-02-08%2011-08-33-36.jpg?dl=1]

Image doesn't work..
(02-08-2014, 01:26 PM)OriginalUsername Wrote: [ -> ]Image doesn't work..

Gonna reupload.

EDIT: Should work now.
Oh, that looks pretty good! The only thing I noticed is the wall of darkness to the left. But it looks really good!
(02-08-2014, 06:44 PM)OriginalUsername Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, that looks pretty good! The only thing I noticed is the wall of darkness to the left. But it looks really good!

Thanks man.
Oh yes, i haven't finished everything on that area so there's some this and that.