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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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I like it. Might need a but work on the billboards, other than that. Looks good.
I'm trying to fix them currently but i will say that Billboards are a massive @#$%!
I placed them in infront of the window openings since the windows are kinda boarded up.

Try adding a few more, make them thinner and increase the transparency
. Also make them different lengths, it will look a lot better then Smile
Thanks for the feedback guys, though I won't put a collapsed ceiling in my corridor, because this map is supposed to be an intro map, clean and nice.

Allthrough I will follow your tips. I will post some screenshots later. Smile
Remember guys, this is a thread for screenshots!

SCRREEEEENNNSHOOOOTTTSS~ guys! Nothing else! Happy posting Smile
(03-06-2014, 12:50 PM)endosine Wrote: [ -> ]WIP Test Map for Lighting Tests and Atmosphere Tests
Spoiler below!
[Image: jr9IEXY.jpg]
Spoiler below!
[Image: lVT29CL.jpg]
Spoiler below!
[Image: Gx06Z08.jpg]
In this particular test i'm attempting to create a feel of Abandonment and Foreboding

And i definetively get that feeling when viewing them. The detailing outside and the billboards. Really looks like an abandoned place... so foggy and dark. *brrr*.

But experimenting around with billboards and lightning could even make them better.
Well i dont know more to say, im not the best in giving advice to screenshots :/
(03-06-2014, 08:16 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]I like cats.
[Image: F9A25ED3B6DED170272974614AF78B7636908D83]

A challenge by Kiandra to make an outdoor environment using only mansionbase assets. (Used a few diff textures for planes, and none of the MFP outdoor assets)

Hmm. Interesting concept but it looks kinda empty and linear. For example the crosswalk between the buildings look really boring. And those barrels just look like a desperate attempt of making the level look more detailed.
(Also the barrels are not in the mansionbase tab)

Also the billboards going along the roof look a bit to bright and out of proportion with were the light is being cast from (the moon).
So terrible god robo why would you make this.

(jk man good stuff)
Here some more pics from the test map
Spoiler below!
[Image: bEQaPGQ.jpg]
Spoiler below!
[Image: xFWax4y.jpg]
Spoiler below!
[Image: DNbq7w3.jpg]
You can find the rest here
endosine. I like them except the 2nd one. See how the shadows are different? The shadow from the window frame is blurry while the shadow from the boards is very clear.