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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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Map that I am currently working on:

[Image: pUY1I7m.jpg]
(04-13-2014, 02:32 AM)i3670 Wrote: [ -> ]Map that I am currently working on:

[Image: pUY1I7m.jpg]

Can't really see anything :L
Uhm, it's too dark to see anything, so I guess I'll just give a little personal opinion about the AMFP assets :
they are amazing but should not replace creativity. In many projects (don't want to point fingers because that's useless) we see that people just claim to use AMFP assets as if it was a proof of originality.

I'm a little bit afraid that with those new assets, we could see thousands of similar machine rooms that don't go any further than "darkness, pipes, amfp machines, eletric lights" : /...

I just feel like Kia's outdoor maps, Premonition's "boss fight" have shown a creative use of the AMFP assets and that those are showing us that the assets need to be used personally.

We got new items to use and that's amazing, but I think we should try to be creative with those assets like most of us are now with TDD ones. Reproducing a mansion map or two to learn the new static objects, making a quick machine map to see how the assets turn out can be useful and is, I guess, necessary to see how the assets come out in the editor. I'd still be very sad to see, after dozens of similar TDD mansion and castle areas, dozens of similar AMFP mansion and machine areas.

I don't know how you guys feel about it, I am not saying that making those maps isn't good or anything, I just wanted to share some thoughts about us having new available assets : 3.
I would just like to say that, in that picture, what is the visual hierarchy? What do you want the user to look at?
Any thoughts on this? It's from the mod i'm making

PS. Don't bother yourself with the menu options - the mod is using polish language for now ;p
Are all those trees the same size in height (and possibly width)? While an effective backdrop, trees are not always the same height, let alone width. It's tedious to do now to remove and redo them, but it's just a thought. I don't think many people would care though as far as I know. (This was one of the first criticisms I ever got, and that was from YourComputer.)
[Image: ssqsdwu5.jpg]
It might just be me, but those lights look way too bright to be giving off such little light. other than that super spooky ominous look
Yeah, basically light sources aren't coherent with the environment around them. The complete darkness isn't realistic.
Haven't been modding for a long while. Made a couple of new assets for an area today, this was what I managed to pull together after some hours:

Video format. Ideas? Tips? Tricks?