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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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I almost think there are too many lamps.. When we say stuff like "have a really dark boxlight", having a lot of light sources can change this to something otherwise, but is generally awkward.

With that said, I think in your map, brighten up your boxlight a bit towards the yellow/orange, but not by much, but ONLY if your lamps will be staying on the whole time.
I'm unsure whether wooden floor works with those walls.
Last time even if they get no attention this time ^.^
Your walls and hallways are very empty.

Bring in chairs, tables, paintings and shelves.

Also everything is brightly lit up... Think about creating some dynamic lighting. Also think about changing your theme, so everything isn't all red. Because that get's boring.


-Some dark areas.
-Change in themes.
-Stuff in the hallways.
-Remember, a hallway doesn't have to be one long corridor. It can have small rooms without doors in it.
In these rooms, there is space for different stuff like shelves, maybe 1 door for another room, sometimes a window, for some other lighting.

It's important to not make it boring.

EDIT: You have a chandelier in the big room but also some "Magic lights". Why not make the magic lights the main light-source of the room, and leave the chandelier empty?
leave the chandelier empty?

Also, its mainly because the magician that lives in the castle basically was being lazy not wanting to light candles, so he just sent those up there. The servants that are about still use candles for more.. precise lighting.

It's all one big room really, the stairwell just leads to the raised area. (not the one that led to the level door)

More stuff, lighting contrast (though i had some, apparently not enough in the main room), and less "red"

Made a little dungeon level, what do you think? Hh
(04-23-2014, 11:53 AM)WIWWM Wrote: [ -> ]leave the chandelier empty?

Sorry. I meant off. You know. unlit... I was tired.
I changed the light and added some details, like shelves and paintings

Spoiler below!
[Image: iFb4HKZ.jpg]
[Image: 0KHoDG9.jpg]

okay in the first picture the two lamps next to eachother i would say their lights need to be just slightly larger, the lighting there looks a liitle awkward
Another non impressive screenshot by me...
[Image: Screen_Screenshot_049.jpg]