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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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Judging by how bright it is outside, I'd say you need to make the areas around the windows brighter too.
(04-27-2014, 01:27 PM)endosine Wrote: [ -> ]Another non impressive screenshot by me...

I love the colour scheme! Might want to add more particles and decals to the area (looks like somebody trashed up that hall pretty badly :o) but other than that (and what Wapez mentioned), it looks great Big Grin I like the ceiling beams too, they add some detail to the roof, rather than leaving it all boring looking.
I've been working on this bunker. It belongs to a rich man who was preparing for the end of the world. It's supposed to be an old/ugly bunker with expensive furniture to make it comfortable for an old spoiled man.

Spoiler below!

[Image: cdHcxS4.jpg]

[Image: fGeRxIJ.jpg]

[Image: Cx3Rtpb.jpg]

I like it a lot! The bluish mixing with the yellowish works great!
It looks good so far imho ! It has the feeling you want to give, an empty place that has what is needs for a spoiled elder as you say !

I just notice two things, first the choice of assets for a bunker surprises me : if it is at the time of electric lights I think it's a bit weird that someone decides that the best material for his bunker is old stone. If I was preparing myself for the end of the world I wouldn't choose an old location that might crumble, I'd rather build something new out of concrete and steel. But well he's an old man so maybe he'd rather like to see old stones that remind him of the past c:.

Then, I think that the amount of lamps doesn't suit the amount of light in the room. It's stupid to say and I wouldn't fully understand it until I tried it : a candle doesn't enlighten more than a small area around it.
Same goes for the electric lights, the ones in the map are really weak : it's a faint yellow light they should be giving, rather than this big global glow ^^.

As always with my criticism, that's just my completely personal point of view and I'd be very pleased to discuss the points you think I might have misunderstood : )!
Alright, I'll try some things out. Thanks!
You'd be surprised just how much light one light can give, but your right, they certainly have their limitations.;
[Image: Screen_Screenshot_060.jpg]
Not exactly Impressive but its something...
Maybe remove one of the chandeliers (Middle one). There are already candle-sticks on the walls. it doesn't look like the corridor would need any more light.

Otherwise, it's quite nice! Smile
Fixed the chandeliers (ZE ARE GONEEE!!!)
[Image: 7bJSzMB.jpg]