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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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Summer, too hot.
I'm thinking of stories that could be possible to do when SOMA comes out, even though it's a year or so until that happens.
[Image: Screen_shot_2014-01-06_at_12.41.32_PM.png]
Something I was working on today to kill the time.
What do you think people?

[Image: JX5Mjjp.jpg]
Baahh!! The light illuminated by the window is too large, shrink it.
hey, kurton. that looks really good. no kidding, dude. i like that picture a lot.
(07-10-2014, 10:32 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]The scene looks really bare, Kurton, and there should be more contrast, both dark and light, and the presence of other colours would make it look a lot better. Right now, it looks very flat and boring.

Yes, it looks bare. That's part of what the scene is, part of what a deserted place looks like. There's no reason for more color. It's not Mardi Gras.

(07-10-2014, 10:32 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]I'd also say you should have more stuff like larger fallen rocks, hanging ropes. The middle thirds in particular have nothing of note there really, which is a problem. I'm also not sure if you even have a skybox on outside?

There's not much place for rocks to have fallen from, just the broken pillar. Middle thirds of what? There doesn't need to be a skybox, the solitary color suffices to portray the brightness of outside because that window is a minor enough detail that not much attention needs paid to it.

(07-10-2014, 10:32 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]The bottom left looks like it has nothing there but an errant bit of tree, and in the bottom right third, that plank thing sticking out just gets in the way and adds nothing.

I understand this is the screenshot criticism thread, but is it so short-minded of me to think that critiquing the map itself is what's most helpful?
can you show us more angles of that room kurton? like what it looks like from the ground, to the player?
(07-11-2014, 01:28 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]And it looks bare, not in the way that it's abandoned, in the way you ran out of ideas for it. That isn't good, and if you think just one solid colour is a good idea, let me point you too:

Then this is simply where our philosophies part. I'm a believer in less being more, and that a map doesn't always need accessories for the sake of detail such as rope or boulders where it's not contextually appropriate.

The link there is helpful though and makes me reconsider the colour scheme.

(07-11-2014, 01:28 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]And, since you don't seem to understand the rule of thirds:

I understand the rule of thirds, I just don't think it needs to be applied to everything. I also thought you might have been referring to thirds as they appear in architecture, so I was confused a bit. My bad.

(07-11-2014, 01:28 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]I am criticizing your map, because parts of it are reducing the quality of the screenshot. Again, if you get upset by me criticizing you, you might not want to be in this thread.

I don't know why you think that just because I'm disagreeing, that I'm upset.

Streetboat Wrote:can you show us more angles of that room kurton? like what it looks like from the ground, to the player?


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yeah, see, the first angle you showed us didnt show much other than the pillars and window. I didn't even know there was that whole wooden structure there- it all looks great.

what i like so much about it is the dry feeling it gives- sure, there's grass, but it feels like it's weedy, weak grass that grows in cracks in the desert and clings to life. the whole place feels desolate and forgotten, and actually almost kind of like it belongs in a desert.

my one recommendation would be to add a billboard with 'halo' checked in front of that window, so that it simulates light glare- if the player is inside a dark and dusty place, surely any window showing light from the outside would seem blinding by comparison. For example.