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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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Justines assets my butt! I know my own models when I see them >:3333333333
Yours too <3
[Image: viridi-mors.jpg]

yea.... take that!
Well... I would critique it if I could see anything.
Viridi Mors?

Like Kman said, tune up the lighting/gamma a bit.
[Image: frictional.png]

But seriously guys. Up the brightness in Paint.NET or something. Tongue
Might as well post some screenshots. You may or may not of seen them on my WIP Amnesia Custom Story page.

[Image: amnesia2012112018572733.jpg]

[Image: amnesia2012112516291265.jpg]

[Image: amnesia2012112020433857.jpg]
Outside of the guard exclusive tavern"The Drunken Eagle"

Can see a guard with a prostitute there and a guard which has crashed on a barrell.(Drunk)

What else could there be?Seems to be missing something.I plan on putting a sign on it too.

EDIT:Forgot to mention theres also music that you can hear from the tavern.And a puking guy against the wall.

[Image: Amnesia2012-11-2616-48-48-46.png]
@Pshyched - For the second picture, can you add some more variety to that long corridor? It bothers me when I see a long repeating hallway.
Yeah Definetly, I know I need to add more. It is a completely outdoor environment and that is a Veranda outside in a Castle courtyard.