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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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I just made a cabin which will be the first map and I don't find it too detailed or atmospheric, Could you guys give me any tips to make this better or what I should add?

[Image: TuNzs5J.jpg]

I tried some fog but apparently doesn't fit or look good :/ not sure what color should use

[Image: EsSdphG.jpg]
The fog made it brighter, which IMO actually made it a lot better!

The lamp on the table doesn't emit enough light.
The window neither.

Detailing is good, but the lighting need some more work.

Also, particle effects! Get more of them in there!
Sorry for asking much but I want the maps to be as good and this map "Mine" I think I rushed it cause I was too excited about traggey's caves static objects XD

Not sure what to add to this hallway, I really can't think of something. Any ideas guys pls?

[Image: Xe6IQBp.png]

[Image: pxMag9p.jpg]
First picture. It's SO easy to see the square-planes. You shouldn't be able to see that. Use rocks and dirt_piles to make the terrain more... you know, natural
Sorry for bumping, but I'd like some criticism on these

[Image: 9a52c3b521.jpg]

[Image: 369bed7e2e.jpg]

Just ignore the billboards

It's an arena, in which as bossbattle will happen
too much gay

wayyy too much gay

start over
(08-31-2014, 06:26 AM)Streetboat Wrote: [ -> ]too much gay

wayyy too much gay

start over

I'm gonna take that as you didn't really have much to say about them.. Which is good ^_^ Thanks!
Hard to have any feelings towards something that's not special.
(08-31-2014, 01:53 PM)i3670 Wrote: [ -> ]Hard to have any feelings towards something that's not special.

True! So what would you say I'm missing?

Is there something too cliché about it?

Anything I should edit that feels off?

I'd like some actual feedback and not just subjective statements!

What is it that isn't special? I haven't seen much arenas around here, so it can't be that can it?
True there aren't many arenas out there. Structurally there's nothing wrong with the room, an arena should be roundish in my opinion. However, let's respond with a cliché, "MORE DETAILS, OMG!". Now, I don't know anything about the setting or anything, but anyway - blood, corpses, limbs, spikes, structural damage, perhaps even an audience of various enemies?