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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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[Image: UDWry52.jpg]


other than that, You could make a few plants coming out of the sea, the fog and lighting is perfect..t here really isn't much to change. ps: Did u make a spotlight coming up from the hole and into the sea?
An "old-ish" motel apartment room.

Probably have done better in the past. Opinions? should have closed the door.

[Image: a97bc08113.jpg]
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I think it looks great. Though, you might wanna try to rid that light clipping in the center corner.
Maybe put some dirt decals on the floor?
Raise/scale the counter to be flush with the stovetop, it's low enough now that it looks more like just some box or trunk.
Look who's not dead!
Yeah right, no one actually missed me, but I'll pretend you were all super sad at my 4 month hiatus.
*cracks knuckles* Let's get right to the critique!

Spoiler below!

I love the warm tone you have going on there - it works perfectly with those assets. I only have two suggestions really: little more contrast light-wise (use spotlights instead of a pointlight maybe?) and a little dirtier. The kitchen's a mess and the painting's crooked, so I can't imagine this room's been in use recently so get out your decals and particle systems and billboards!

Also you have a welder sticking through the wall, just sayin.

Spoiler below!

Nice cave! I'd suggest turning off the collision and cast shadows for the rocks (use a text editor on the .map file to just replace the necessary bits) and just using a few of those pink wall blocks. It'll probably make the area run smoother.
The style you have going is pretty cool indeed - especially the blue light. You could do some pretty cool stuff with the over-saturated colours theme. Or, if you'd rather realism, you could tone it down a bit. Whichever you go with, some light_dust particles wouldn't hurt!

I'd also recommend putting some pebbles and smaller rocks on the ground, some sparse foliage, maybe mushrooms? You can't go wrong with mushrooms :D

Spoiler below!

There's something floating in the sky and it looks a little odd.
I love the grass and the lighting; it's giving off a bit of a hazy feeling to me. I'm sure there's a more eloquent way of saying that, but "hazy" will do.

Okay, improvements: first off, those leaves look way too stretched. Also, the mushrooms are waaaaaaaaay too big; I feel like Alice in Wonderland! The rocks also seem a little off, probably because they're all a similar size and shape. Other than that, use dirt piles to make the ground less flat - unless we're in Saskatchewan (ha, Canadian jokes). You could also throw in some puddles. I dunno. the whole area feels like it should be wet.

Endosine, your screenshots are beautiful as always c: I'm way too out of practice to provide decent critique.

That was my 1000th post... damn! I don't shut up, do I?
It's not fair to tease us HPL2 users like that :c

Nice room though :D
As I see that this thread is getting near to the 300 page, I'll think I'll make something special... Maybe not the best map around here, but, just a surprise for you guys :3
Started making a sewer cavern level and this is how it came up!
Seriously!? Spoiler tags for a link that I have to copy and paste? >.>

You got the environment blocked out, but the atmosphere is missing. You have some fog, but the water reflections is killing it. (Put some black planes behind the wall to help cancel it out or use any other tricks you got)

You have a little bit of light pouring through, but the cave is to evenly lit. The point of entry for your light-rays should be worked on the most as it should be the main highlight of your picture.

Your cages are all standing vertically up, rotate and push them around.

You need to add some life or some color variation, to much brown rocks everywhere.