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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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Like I said, I wanted to get the light right, first. But I'm going to dress the room up first, see how it looks Smile Thanks!

EDIT: New screenshot Smile
Spoiler below!
[Image: 8N5hZ6i.png]
Everybody like "New Screenshot!" and I'm just here like "Still waiting to toy with SOMA Level editor"
I'm more excited by SOMA for the level editor than the game itself Tongue
So, here is the first version of the "optional menu" of my next Custom Story, what do you think ? Smile

Spoiler below!

[Image: 1435679508-2015-06-30-00001.jpg]

Maybe I can add some dust particles Sad
The godrays are too bright and too long.
Also, make them something else than white/gray.

Otherwise, pretty good!
They are supposed to be blue :O
Well, now they are !
If it's a sewer, shouldn't you have some stains, loose rocks, etc. laying around? That path at the right looks a bit clean.
It's looking good, apart from that!
Okay, I tried to add some decals and rocks on the floor Smile

[Image: 1435682118-2015-06-30-00002.jpg]
Yeah that looks better IMO, well done man!
Great job, I like the contrast. Add some low-alpha fog particles under the godrays, to simulate dust being lit up.
Okay I have put a fog and a large light dust particle Tongue
Thank you, if you see something to add, tell me ! Big Grin