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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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Because these swedes have seen the light and praise the Finnish flag.

Nah seriously though,me and Statyk were wondering about that too one time.
*braces self for criticism* Okay, I think these two areas are up to the test Big Grin
Spoiler below!

Lillian's Bedroom
[Image: lillian__s_room_by_rueppells_fox-d5qk5gw.jpg]
I realized as I was posting this one that my billboards are cutting into the floor, so I'll get to fixing that right away! After working on it for 7 hours (part of which I'm sure is because I just started with the level editor), I can't find anything to fix, but something still seems really odd.

Spoiler below!

Rare Books Storage
[Image: rare_books_storage_by_rueppells_fox-d5qk60a.jpg]
This section is adjacent to a library and rather stressful environment for the player; it's intended to be a 'haven' for the player.
The space between the desk and the door is bugging me, I can't diminish it - there's a hidden staircase and basement in the way that would otherwise be impossible to incorporate - but there must be some way of fixing this. The Main Hall and Back Hall in TDD were both very large, but they didn't seem empty, even with the high ceilings.

[Image: Rs0PB.jpg]
[Image: 0ovoY.jpg] [Image: 8z2wA.jpg]

[Image: LRc7C.jpg] [Image: Banfj.jpg] [Image: S4JqP.jpg]

This is fucking Dark Room 2 Yall!
[Image: Facebook+like+button+chrome+extension.jpeg] [Image: Facebook+like+button+chrome+extension.jpeg]
Aglaf. boring screens! Honestly.

Edit: nwm. I like. Kiandra's too.
Your glowing shrooms intrigue me.
Can I smoke them?
(01-05-2013, 11:46 PM)kartanonperuna Wrote: [ -> ]God damn that pic up there,yeah Roboprog's, would be so much more easily seen in DARKER background of this forum.

Props to anyone who remembers back when it was red and white.
I do. Still kinda miss it.
Oh, Kiandra, I just noticed that your pictures were sort of swept under the rug due to being the last post on the last page- I wanted to point out that I really like your color scheme in the first picture. The complimentary colors of orange and blue (from your first picture to your second) are very cosmetically pleasing, and actually make me interested in the story because I would love to see how it pans out, since it clearly involves a progression of time from day to night. Your lighting is very pleasant. Smile