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Full Version: [Amnesia] Screenshot criticism thread
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I'd say the skybox is better than your work tbh, not sure if the light-rays in the back are a part of the skybox or if you added them in (Which looks cool if you did).

(1) The skybox is so bright (With a really high bloom effect I might add). Your terrain's overall dark lighting doesn't match the lighting of the sky.
(1a) If your skybox is what I think it is, about from the halfway mark, down (It becomes a solid/blurred grey. The skybox was not finished or completed). You will need to surround the whole area with mountains (I prefer the "static object>ptest>dirt mound") or something block the player's vision of the grayish blob I see in the far back.

(2) Biggest problem with this picture is that your not rotating/scaling your environment props, for example those trees are the exact same size and rotation and it looks horrible! Same goes for the 4+ bushes I see dotted around the ground.
(2a) Don't be scared to spam the grass a lot, they are very low poly. Change their heights up (Not randomly, give a method to your madness. Slowly ramping them up to long grass isn't a bad idea) to give some variation to the grass.

(3) Unless your really good at outside environments and know exactly what your going for. I would concentrate on making a single area or point looking really snazzy. They are the easiest to do imo because your all of your work is one area. If you can get one area to get people to go "woooooowww" then they will think better of your entire area, as long as it didn't look like crap.

Spoiler below!
To help explain what I mean from my (3).

This was a really old project I abandoned long time ago... They are all in the images section, but here are the direct links.
Here it is, again.
Spoiler below!

[Image: ZDdWNn2.jpg]

Spoiler below!

[Image: 16gjxbd.jpg]

Let me guess, it's very bad.
Please, tell me what is wrong. So that i can fix my mistakes Smile
They are updated. See my statement up there ^
I think I'm getting better at this...

Spoiler below!

[Image: av2npwx]

... then again, I might just be delusional
Could use some more particles and decals to make it more interesting, plus other than the statue and the area around it the map it feels pretty empty, so I'd decorate the the rest of the hall too (sparingly, though, since the player's main focus should be on the statue since that seems to be the center point of the map). The lighting directly infront of the windows also look unnaturally bright, and it takes away a lot of the atmosphere of the area. I'd put a very dim but large pointlight in the center of that area and then put brighter (while still pertaining to the same shade as the other pointlight) but smaller pointlights near the windows to give a more natural look.

Though with that said, I really like a lot of the stuff you've been posting. Keep it up, would love to see more work from you in the future.
The right side of the picture is too dark. I can't see a thing there. Use some decals. And love the screenshot.
That does look nice, the atmosphere/lighting on the left side looks perfect imo.
(02-23-2013, 03:41 AM)Kiandra Wrote: [ -> ]I think I'm getting better at this...

Spoiler below!

[Image: av2npwx]

... then again, I might just be delusional

Maybe a little bit too copied from Amnesia, but I do that too so you're forgiven.

It's a little plain. Why not make it overgrown? You know, it has both water on the floor and plants growing from the angel. There should obviously be more plants! Smile

I like the gray-yellow color of the billboard, but if you plan on making more plants, then you should make the lights a bit more green maybe Smile

Really nice picture though
Robo, why all of your screenshot are always have dark background ?

Anyway, if you can put spot light there, put it(to make it more realistic shadows). And use some decals.
What i see is some barrels and a dark blue light in the background... This needs more Smile
(02-23-2013, 01:54 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]It looks fine on my monitor, that's the thing, I can't see whether it looks fine on your lots or not :p, and there are decals on the floor, static and applied, though might be due to apparent darkness of screenshot that you can't see them, and I'll see if I can get a spotlight in there.

Maybe there's something with my eyes. Or maybe because the white color of the forum.