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Full Version: Lever Puzzle
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Hey everyone,

I really need someone's help with a 6 levers puzzle just as in the original story in the machine room.

But I don't wanna copy it from the original game cause I have some differences in it so could someone who really understands this kind of things add me on skype or something. That you like just show ur screen and show what your doing with the script and explain about it etc.

I've got 6 levers which should be set in a proper order (machine_lever_2 and machine_lever_5 should be up).

(machine_lever_1, machine_lever_3, machine_lever_4 and machine_lever_6 should be down).

When that's set the door (SlideDoor2) will slide open.

SkypeName: ferryadams10

Thanks allot for listening,