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Full Version: Where can i find this place in second game
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I already went through the whole game and havn't found this place yet!I saw same picture when i was in ventilation but i wasn't so close to this place and there was a body that lay on the table, but the picture is not,can it be alpha sreen or smth else in this way?
And can your explain me what means this "strange shades on spinal x-ray"?
That's the room where you find the drug that makes you pass out. There's a computer and a savepoint on the table on the right. The room behind you has beds and a scanner that tells you to give a human sample. Behind the glass doors is the cryo chamber, where you find the head.

Sounds familiar?
So it's room where you can find the Head?Am ia right?

And what can you tell me about the plot of pricture?

(12-27-2011, 02:54 PM)xaker23 Wrote: [ -> ]So it's room in crio-camera,but i still can't remember this moment,i remember the TV which was out of order it was in that room ?Am ia right?

And what can you tell me about the plot of pricture?
PS:Can u give me save game of this place!

Sound familiar
No it doesn't
I haven't played Penumbra in a very long time, so I don't have the save files anymore.
Here's a link of Cry checking out that room:

I think the "strange shades on the spinal x-ray" are a mutation caused by the Tuurngait virus.
Also, that room isn't the same one you saw in the beginning. There's no ventilation shaft in the walls, the lights aren't flickering, no body on the table...
oK thanks pal for video,now it clear for me)And what can you tell me about poster poster that was in the viewing room where you are transported Kevin into body.I saw a poster of human and was the site of entry near the spine,Philip told that he can't read because too much is written but there is a poster of some notation in this area,as i told previusly