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Full Version: Minor technical problem with the forums
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Hello, I'd like to ask the devs or admins about a weird problem I've been getting ever since the forums recieved their last major overhaul (the one that changed the red-tinted skin to a blue one, among other things).

You see, nearly everytime I turn to another page in any thread, a small dialog/error box pops up, with the following text :

"Stack overflow at line: 1822"

What does it mean ? Is it something to do with the browser I'm using (IE 10) ? This problem never showed up in any other forum/board I frequent on the internet, so I'm guessing it's a case-specific thing, limited only to the FG forums.

It's not all that annoying, but I would be glad if someone could give me any tips on how to possibly remove it. Currently, I have to click the OK in the dialog box each time I visit a new page. It's a little tedious.

If you've got any advice, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance ! Wink
IE 10 is beta as far as I know. The other browsers do not have such a problem.
I use IE 9 I believe and I have the same thing.

Tip: No need to move your mouse to click okay... You can press the space bar or enter to do it instead.
Try Firefox or Chrome
Sounds like your browser can't handle the WYSIWYG of the forums (the only thing i can think of that is JavaScript related).
There's another problem, too.
On my iPod Touch I can't create threads, simply because it can't use the Editor. Also, I can't set it to 'Source' because clicking that doesn't work.

Might be my version of iOS, though. It's pretty damn old.
With my iPhone with iOS 4.3.3 I can use the forums just fine. You have an old iOS.
You can't post anything on the forums with a phone, only read in my case.
You perfectly can
Some of my posts are made with my Desire Z, which is android, however i can only use source on the default browser, works fine on other browsers though. Opera mini for example.
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