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Full Version: What was the most intense moment of amnesia for you
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Hi guys I thought I would post this thread asking what was your most intense moment of amnesia, it can be from the main story or any custom story you've played so have fun. Cool Smile Smile Smile
A custom story I played and it was a real water monster maze. I ran into a dead end and then I turned around and the monster was right there. I was yelling at Daniel for like 5 minutes straight trying to find the end of maze. Afterwards, I was shaking, sweating, and my voice was gone.
Where is the "everything" button?
I would have to say....House of creep or something.

It got old the way he kept using naked guys for scares; but for a while they got me to shit mah pants. Tongue

Plus I don't really play CS, nor have I finished the campaign ^^
There were a few parts in Abduction that scared me. First was the room that suddenly turned red and books started flying around. Next was the corridor where which ever door you went too, it would disappear and you would have to turn around, face to face with a statue and go around it to the door behind it. The last one, was a bit random, but a grunt spawned for a second then disappeared. Worth playing through, bit long though.
Thx for the replies guys I hope you had fun doing this.Smile Smile Smile
when I was at the Fountain of Youth it was epic I loved it
In Dark Descent it was the brute chase in the sewers. And pretty much the whole prison. Already wrote about them in some other thread.

I haven't played much custom stories yet, but got to mention the spot in White Night where you have to break the electricity locker for getting a cell door open, and after that all goes dark. Then the only prisoner gets free and you can't see a thing but only hear his painstaking breath and footsteps. I was just sitting in the dark room without moving until there was a text "He'll find me if I stay here for too long." Then I panicked and ran like an animal. :'D

Another awesome was a mindf**k in the toilets. There were two toilets next to each other. In the first one I was quite carefree and slammed the doors open. When I entered the second toilet and there was a similar row of doors I got suspicious. Hey, what if someone jumps on my face from there? Then I crouched to see if there's anyone in the cubicles and there was someone's feet in the last one! .__.

I ran away and saved, sat in the save room for some time and went back. Then I opened all the other doors except the last one, ran away again, saved and pulled myself together. Then I marched to the toilet while badly singing Pokémon theme and swung the door open. All the lights went off. I ran out of there again, saved and repeated. While singing I went to the toilet for the last time and ran away from there once again after finding out there was no one in the cubicle. xD
Definently the chase scene in the flooded dungeon in Justine. My whole body was literally shaking so hard when I was trying to pull the switch to close the first door that I had to pause the game and take a break for about 5 minutes. After that, I'd move about an inch closer to the switch, then pause again for another 2 minute break, until I finally got the door closed. My heart was beating so hard and my head was throbbing so much that it made any action incapacitating.

I haven't played much of White Night, but I have the feeling that it is going to freak me out, too.
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