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Full Version: How Valve stole the Portal concept
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It's a real shame that Valve gets all the attention while 3dRealms made the first game using portals.
Check out this trailer from 1998 for the game Prey.
(Which was later remade and released in 2006).

This is the 2006 trailer:

I thought everybody knew about this game, when the new release was just around the corner, everybody was talking about the portal technology, Valve didn't steel any credit, they merely expanded on the concept of portals in game (being able to create them yourself).

I think it's really unfair of CoD and Activition to take all the credits from Wolfensteins creator ID, they were first with First Person Shooters!
Valve also stole shooter concept.
Numerous games before Half Life -> Half Life
Hey, wait...
So what? Serious Sam also had portal technology, and nobody cried a lawsuit over that. Valve are just the first ones to incorporate it into the core gameplay & let players choose where to create portals.