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Full Version: [Release] CrazyShootin's Trolling Happiness of Doom
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Hi everyone I'm new to this forum and I made a custom story for CrazyShootin on youtube because he likes to troll the monsters.

It took quite some time to make it but it's here.

If you put the crosshair above the buttons it should tell you what do the buttons do.

Download Link:

CrazyShootin's Youtube channel:
Here you go!

Enjoy Smile
(01-19-2012, 09:30 PM)Beer Wrote: [ -> ]Here you go!

Enjoy Smile
I updated it and I will post it and I hope you play the updated version.
i have seen crazy do it its awesome u should be proudĀ  btw if u didnt know its me from utube
Worst mod I ever played and it was painful to play too.