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I know it seems like I'm not doing much with Sciophobia, but do understand that this is a very big campaign for me, I am trying new things, such as
Spoiler below!
"boss fights" and "cutscenes"
and it is going to take me a very good deal of time. BUT, I have done a few things and am requesting for a MALE (voice of age 20-25) voice actor for the main character, Christopher Wallace, for an upcoming "Commitment Trailer". I will not be asking very frequently for voices, as background work will be done and will take time.

What I WILL need is:
- Devotion
- Patience
- Confidence
- Great emphasis and tone
- Emotion (yes, I need strong emotion as a few parts may require you to "yell" at an NPC in anger. I may also change the ui voice according to your voice if needed. This includes the huffing, crouch mumbles, jump huffs, etc.)
- Clear microphone
- Understandable
- And most importantly, COMMITMENT.

This project will take a few months. I can't have you leaving me halfway through and making me find someone new. I know I am asking for a lot, but I am making this campaign the best it can be, and I do not want it crippled by poor voice acting.

But yes, if you are interested and can meet these requirements, Please leave a comment below or PM me a link or download of a few lines you have recorded. They can be ad libbed, or recited from lines below.

The more emotions you can give me, the better!

Here are a few example lines if needed:

1) (confused) Huh? Where am I?
2) (anger, raising voice) NO! I cannot BELIEVE you!
3) (questioning) Hmm... I wonder what this does.
4) (scared/shaken) Wh..What is that?...

Here is my voice demo:
Voice acting for me is rather embarrassing Tongue. But if no one else offers I guess I can give it a shot : D
Dude i give it a shot.
Okay here we go:

I can change my voice a bit to your liking.Just say how.

EDITBig Grinamn i forgot the yelling part.Ah well I do it later.

Also,I voice acted in elvens custom story(thats right,advertising your story,elven):

I could actually try would be cool i'm 16 and people tell me i have a rather dark voice ~20 i hope?
sure thing Trollox, NO ONE has to ask for permission from me, just drop some recording files and I'll round up the voices and check each one out. I listen to them all, so don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't respond. I'm getting whatever I can first, then I will tell the person who I have chosen through PM and end this thread. Thanks guys, keep them coming! I really appreciate it!
If the new thing being
Spoiler below!
turns out to work I'd be amazingly interested in how you did it, since cutscenes would be nice in the story I thought of.
(01-23-2012, 11:31 PM)Dewi Wrote: [ -> ]If the new thing being
Spoiler below!
turns out to work I'd be amazingly interested in how you did it, since cutscenes would be nice in the story I thought of.
It isn't too hard. just takes necessary scripting and some other necessary materials. I'll be testing it soon. <- Gave it a shot. Applied light EQ and noise removal.
Aaand heres the anger voice i forgot to include:
I love to do voice acting. I would do it myself, but I am not too fond of my own voice and my microphone is not the best quality. >> But I can give great emotion, I believe =] I left a demo file of a few lines I did including: conversation, worry, fear, pain, anger, sarcasm, and sympathy in the original post if any of you would like to download and listen.
I will also only be letting this go until maybe around Friday. I have been listening to each voice. I apologize for not replying
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