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Full Version: Position a Corpse?
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Is there any way to move the body parts around? Thanks
Other than making a new model or laying the corpse on random entites and then removing those entites, i rhink the corpse is pretty much stuck in its original state. I havent yet seen a mod with a repositioned corpse.
For models that have moving joints, you can't reposition them in real-time in the level editor. The only thing you could do hackishly is add a force to a body part at the start of a level's script to make it go into position through trial and error.
That kind of sucks :/ I guess what can you do right?
Yea, hopefully it will be an added feature to HPL3. Tongue
(01-29-2012, 05:54 AM)MrBigzy Wrote: [ -> ]Yea, hopefully it will be an added feature to HPL3. Tongue
Yep, this is an pretty good engine, but there's always room to improve! Smile
You can use block boxes too. Just place them so that he falls the way you want, and then remove them (or keep them, your choice).