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Full Version: Do you kill enemies?
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What kind of player are you?
If the Dogs attack - yes. Otherwise, I'll leave them alone.
Call me paranoid, but my general policy is to leave nothing standing that could possibly be considered hostile! (I'm addicted to fps' - what can I say.) At least the creatures in penumbra don't seem to re-spawn, which was a welcome relief.

Besides that, I was never able to successfully sneak past any of the creatures in this game. Even when I tried sneaking, they inevitably spotted me and charged, at which times my weapon of choice was the pick-axe. I was also never able to pull off a physics kill - throwing things just seems to temporarily stun an enemy, after which I still had to use the pick-axe to finish the job.
I totally agree with "madfive". I'm a big fps fan as well and we fps people tend to neutralize any potential threats. Anything that can attack will it.
i tend to look at the situation
if i can go by with no problems i sneak
if there is any chance of them spotting me > silent kill (if possible)
and i they spot me then > rampage mode on =D (gogo dark messiah XD)
Most of the time I sneak by, which is far more scary than running up and clubbing the thing. But, when wolfs were as common as they were in overture, I ended up just taking a barrel and killing them.
I try to avoid killing in all games, I love sneaking and trying to avoid enemies, it's more exciting for me. Also, if you revisit an area, you can't just run through it.
Hmm i dont kill the dogs even they find me i just run for my life lol
Since i'm an MGS fan i really love sneaking, besides that is the point of the game if u just go around killing enemies it's no longer a horror game. i think that Overture would a better game if there were no weapons.
i kill the dogs and i try to run away from spiders
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