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Full Version: What is your favorite TC\Mod\CS?
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What is your favorite or the best TC\Mod\CS in your opinion? And why?
Mine is of course White Night because it's the longest, most game changing and impressive mod for Amnesia to this date.
then you dint try the mine one Tongue
Released: Followed By Death, awesome mapping and detailing.

Unreleased: Atlantia, It will be the best mod ever.
"Olaf's demise" is a awesome Custom stories

(02-08-2012, 09:27 PM)Zaptor Wrote: [ -> ]"Olaf's demise" is a awesome Custom stories

(02-08-2012, 09:27 PM)Zaptor Wrote: [ -> ]"Olaf's demise" is a awesome Custom stories
It's good, but definitely not the best.
I'd go for White Night.
Sciophobia also seems great.
remember it said: What is YOUR, not what is overall best Smile.

That means, for example for me it can be something truly shitty CS Tongue.. .

My favorites are White Night and My Love (I love emotional stuff Big Grin)
As of right now, It's a toss between White Night and I Wish To Conduct an Experiment for me... Immersion is the best, in my opinion.
I'd say Deterioration (despite all its gameplay flaws) and Nepsis. Harvest: Prologue is another great one and I PROBABLY would say it's my favorite accept for the fact that it's so short (also it's super unknown. Hipster custom story players ftw).
My favorite would have to be either La Caza, or Deterioration. For good ones that may be coming out (that I think will be good) Hidden and Atlantia.
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