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Full Version: Windows 1.03 beta patch available
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Attached to this message is the BETA version of Penumbra: Overture version 1.03. It is mainly stability related fixes and many memory problems have been fixed.

If you are having problem with slowndows that make the game unplayable (or almost), please download and test this patch and check how it works.

Also, you MUST have installed version 1.02 patch before using this new exe.

Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: Updated zip with missing dll.

Got a problem. After installing this I get error Message:
"This applivation has failed to start because libtheora.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

What should I do?
My fault, uploaded new zip with dll too.

Sorry about that.
Thanks... Gonna try it out now Smile
I just tried it and at least for me it didn't help with the slowdowns.
As one of the most vocal members who had this problem, I think it's high time I tried this patch to see if it fixes the slowdown.

Be right back!
If this does not fix the problem, I will soon be releasing a new version of the patch that inlcudes a big optimizing on skinning that might be the problem.
can you tell me how to apply this patch?
Do not worry about this patch now. I just replied to your crash report with further info.
A list of fixes for 1.03 should be nice and is the 2900xt problem fixed yet?
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