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Full Version: Freezed mouse cursor outside the game while the game is running
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I'm experiencing a somewhat annoying bug :

* I start and play penumbra
* For some reason, I wish to go to another of my virtual desktops (like check an email or whatever), so I hit CTRL + ALT + / which tells Xorg to catch my following key input instead of the game itself (it's somewhat an equivalent of the windows Alt+Tab while playing a game)
* I hit CTRL + FX, X beeing the number of the virtual desk I'm going to
* All is fine but the mouse cursor that I can't move.

As a side note, I can say that with Neverwinter Nights, I don't have the problem at all.

Anyone else ? Is it possible to correct this ?
Nobody else has it ? Nobody to confirm the bug ?

Well then I guess I shall try again soon when the Mandriva 2008 comes out.