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Full Version: Penumbra overture-how to use hammer to kill dogs
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I tryed to use hammer to kill dogs but how....Preesing LMB and next.what?
can anyone help me
Not exactly what your problem is... Never hit a dog with the hammer before so might not even be possible. You're better off running and using stealth to get past them, a lot more effective and fun Wink
To use the "Hammer" object, you must have it out. Once it is in your hand, click and hold the mouse, then pull the hammer back, then swing in the opposite direction. It is difficult to do, but you'll get the hang of it eventually. Honestly, you are probably better off jsut sneaking past them, and only using the hammer in you get caught.
To be honest I was better at killing the dogs after I stopped trying to get my timing right. I approach the dogs like I'm the one hunting them

Spoiler below!
>equip weapon
>run up to dog
>dog turns around and pounces
>get hit/ hit him
>he falls back

Now this is when you've got him
Spoiler below!
Note: if you miss and he hits you, he will probably jump at you another 3 times, anyway while he's on the ground, you've got to position your weapon perfectly above him, and just start swinging he wont fall back at this point, but he'll run away. When he runs if you hit him just before he gets too far he will fall and you can beat him to death.

If he does get too far,
Spoiler below!
RUN AFTER IT. If this is a new area there are probably more dogs and when he howls, he's going to call the dogs on the map to your area, thankfully when he howls, you can hit him, and he wont call the other dogs.

and that's how it's done!
How do you people find these old threads (this one is 11 months old for crying out loud)? If you check the date, I'm pretty sure the person has the question answered and done already.

Seriously guys. Some bumps are just unnecessary.
It makes me cringe at why I even bothered to post in this thread all that time ago...