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Full Version: Steam room
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Any easy way to get across the grid with steam coming up? I am so fatigued from getting past the last batch of dogs!!
You are supposed to walk on the steam that is not active, look closely as it's hard to see sometimes. I hope this instructions are clear as i can't tell you in a different way..Wink
I just killed them with an axe whenever they saw me. I didn't even stand on a box. Smile All you relly need to do is hit them once when they charge at you, once they're down all you gotta do it hit 'em over and over again. Untill it stops moving.
That isn't related to the question^^
Is too, if he needs to kill the dogs he can kill them that way, right? Then again I don't relly know what 'fatigued' means.

Oh, by the way. Neither is that ^^ Tongue