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Full Version: [For Modellers] How to fix model showing up as a spiky mass of blah
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I recently discovered a problem with the editors. I'm sure some of you have come across the issue of having more than 4 influences on a bone (as stated by the warning in modelview.log). It seems that this is wrong; the max influences is actually 3. If there are more than 3 influences on a bone, it causes the model to turn into that spiky mash of ugliness. Even more, it seems that the modelviewer doesn't always throw an error if there's more than 4 influences. So, if you see your model like this, or if your model is rigged, causes a crash in the model viewer, and the log shows nothing wrong with it, change the max influences to 3 or less and try again. Remeber to click "update weights" to update them after changing the max influences if you're using Maya.

I'm not 100% sure of this, but it definitely seems to be the case through testing.