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Full Version: Internment [cancelled]
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I have been working on this custom story for about 3 months and I found out how to use billboards SpotLights And Particle systems.

Story Line
Spoiler below!
You get kidnapped from your house by an infected man known as Carl. You escape the dungeon and end up in his mansion. You have to Investigate on this disease and escape with your life.

I rarely used the Jumpscares but brought back that old Amnesia feeling with the random distant sounds and lighting.
I included music in each map and made sure there is no glitches.

Spoiler below!
[Image: ixS9M.jpg][Image: RwecA.jpg] [Image: 0COoR.jpg]

Special Thanks to
flamez3 = .snt files

YourComputer = Too many to list XD

Datguy5 = map_cache files help.


I finished main parts of maps 1-4
1 = Your House
2 = Dungeons
3 = Sewers
4 = First floor of mansion
5 = Second Floor
6 = ?Forest?

(Hope I spelled correctly) is voice acting Big Grin

Sorry I let everyone down.
I got too much stuff that has to be done.
If anyone wants to take over PM me.
I will let anyone with experience I trust finish it or keep it for them selves.
FYI I'm done with the forums. (I'll check back about once a week)
For some reason, Contagion has a ring to it...
I personally think this would be great. Big Grin
...thank you for bringing back the old amnesia feel...I salute all who do this.
I added a video Tongue
Paranoia, Infectious, The Infection, Pandemic...
short teaser story, quick, to the point. honestly gonna look forward to this one ^^
The process is going to be slowed down because I got into a motorcycle crash...stupid mailbox

I am fine and it's nothing big besides I can't ride for about a week or two.

oops MAJOR black bars on the amnesia scenes XD

EDIT:I am fine now, I will continue working and I am expecting the custom story to be finished at the end of this month.
Bump : Finished map 5 (Second floor of mansion)! Now working on the final map The forest.
Hey, I can do le voice acting. I'll post a sample if you want me to.
Okay, if you don't want the infection stuff, how about journey to hell or welcome to hell (you had hell on the first thing), welcome to darkness, darkness. Just throwing names out there (actually, I kind of like Darkness).
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