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Full Version: New Penumbra Idea
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Well yall, I've been thinking. I have the tech demo and I was thinking after I completed it, that maybe we can make it into a full game. Of course their will be a different story line but the first level will have the same thing as in the tech demo. And maybe we can add a few hunters and possibly a few new monsters that yall might be able to come up with. It will be based on the penumbra series, but it will have a totaly different storyline. It should be done, if you like it enogh on the same game engine as the penumbra series. Mybe we can call it Penumbra: Darkness. Thats probalbe a classy and common title so maybe you can come up with a name. Well, over all, what do you think of this idea. I hope you like it. I aboslutly love games like Amnesia And Eprnumbra, but other games are so hard to come by now a days. Please tell me what you think.
Good idea! There should be a new Penumbra.
Thanks of the good reply. Keep them coming. We could possibly convince the devs about it. And by the way, if you can, perhaps you can think of a storyline for this game.
I'm currently thinking some sort of storyline, i don't know yet. By the way, level design could be very similiar to penumbra techdemo (2ways and narrow corridors), while keeping the creepy atmosphere.
About the name, it can be changed, when storyline is made up.
A new penumbra would be awesome!
Keep em coming. This thread and idea needs positive support for this game to come. And as I said earlier, we can have the same bat thing, and have a few hunters too. You know, the hunter was soppose to be in the tech demo, but for some reason, it got cut. I saw a trailer with it in a room grasping a human head. And I also saw it on a video where someone replace the infected with the hunter. And also try to think of other monsters perhaps like giant cave snakes or in deep watery areas, giant blind cave fish. I just now saw a sketch for a monster in penumbra. It looks like a human only it had four arms and a huge mouth. It looked like this:[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTbZn1rL0KycIlYCkfsU58...6p8b1RvYVQ]Like I said, try to think of monsters for me.
The thing that I like with the techdemo was that it was like a better designed SCP-087-B: It was dark as shit, you didn't know what the monsters were going to look like, and the lack of backstory just made it more immersive. You were just there out in the arctics for some reason, and that's what mattered.

I agree with Cranky Old Man. And about that monster, it should be made into game then, because it's perfect!
Thanks, I'm full of ideas.
I think making the Tech Demo into a full game sounds like a great idea. How is it going to be done - an Amnesia custom story or something else?

Anyways, good luck!
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